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Customer Priority Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP1)


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JPAIAX9MZXFixed a problem in adminp where the Administration Process was incorrectly processing adminp requests multiple times...
JDFUBDPAHPServer - Fixed an issue where HCL Domino is susceptible to a Buffer Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2020-14235). See...
ARUIBC2M67Domino - Support Brazil no longer observing DST in 2019/2020
HHIEBD4BPJiNotes - Fix problem that Notes ID management dialog box becomes blank after internet certificate is imported on Edge...
AGUDAY8GCYFixed an issue in the Notes client where a blank tab would be shown after reopening tabs from a prior...
PBEEBKPEL7Fixed an issue where the Client hangs while running a LS agent.
NMMMB6NB2YMac Client - Fixed a problem where the version info for Notes shown in Finder window has 10.0.10 instead of...
NLUABA8C28iNotes - Fixed an iNotes crash when the Active Content Filter (ACF) tries to filter an image or pdf when the file name...
NBFOBGH67TFixed a Notes client crash when opening a MIME email due to leading white spaces in an image URL in the MIME email...


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